T 40 PLUS L100 LC Z22 EXA

Technical Specifications

About Product

4,3 kw suction power. It is M and H certified for hazardous dust and ATEX certified for explosion-proof environments. Version T40Plus HE is equipped with an high efficiency motor for low consumption: top power, low consumption
The great suction power of model T40Plus is given by the vacuum it creates: it can collect very heavy materials or wet dust, it is ideal to solve any waste problem that were unsolvable till today. Several versions are available: with M class or with HEPA or ULPA filters for the collection of very fine or hazardous dust, with cartridges filter, with 50 or 100 l container, with solid cut-off system and so on. The ATEX versions are certified for zone 22-21 and 2 in compliance with the 94/9/EC and the 99/92/EC directives.